Alaska Cruise 2017


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Vacation Many of you in my network know that Penny (my wife) and I have been planning a special family vacation for some time now. Well, to be more accurate, Penny has been planning the vacation. I’ve pretty much just been along for the ride. So on June 24th we headed up to LAX, boarded a plane for Vancouver, BC, …

Sailboat Sunset Vacation

Backwards on the Vacation Thing

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

Safety I beg your indulgence. I will get to the vacation thing, but first, a few other thoughts to put this all in context. Pundits tell us, I think correctly, that to be great leaders, we need to build a safe environment for our people. That means that everyone is treated with dignity and respect even when they make mistakes …

cruise ship

Walking the Talk!

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

If everything goes as planned and the technology doesn’t fail me, this article will post while I’m at sea on a vacation cruise to Hawaii. And, as I mentioned in the March Newsletter, I am, uncharacteristically, looking forward to that 15 day vacation as I write. It’s uncharacteristic of me because throughout my career I have been gifted with a …