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Recently I joined a few fellow photo club members on an outing to a nature preserve. My wife decided to tag along. We had several reasons for getting out despite the pandemic restrictions. One of them was that a cleaning crew would be in our home during the morning, and we usually find somewhere to go that is safe so that we can leave our home to them. Another reason was that we are going a little bit stir-crazy.
The outing made sense for us. The club members are COVID aware and careful. Masks are required, we would all be outside, and social distancing is enforced. The surprising thing was that this nature center is about 15 minutes from home, and we never knew it was there.

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Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

Looking Back I have no choice but to acknowledge the enormous part that serendipity has played in my life. My guess is, if you do some contemplation, you will find that it has played a significant role in your life too. For my own story, I am amazed at the many things that seem to fall in place to make …