Crisis Management

Crisis Planning

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This Is Just a Test: In a panel conversation this week, one of the panelists noted that a lot of companies, who thought they have solid emergency plans, discovered that they did not. That’s the bad news. Of course, the good news is that for many, the pandemic is a reasonably straightforward way to test our systems without real structural …

Common Enemies — Part III

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People with different world views will unite when they have a common enemy. I believe we have major “enemies” that have the potential to unite people across the globe: Climate Change — Part I, Technological Disruption — Part II, Cybersecurity — Part III, and Economic Bifurcation — Part IV (significant and growing economic inequality). Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is the protection of …


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Security Grab: Previously, I posted my thoughts on Tim Cook and how he is handling the FBI security grab controversy. I refrained from stating how I felt about the issue to stay focused on Mr. Cook’s leadership. In this post, however, I will wade in on the technology, privacy, and security issue. First, let me make it clear that I, …

Data Security

Leadership, Responsibility, and Data Security

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Question [Updated 4/2/16] Here’s a question: Do we as business leaders wish to leave our Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Data, and Market Data systems security to chance or government? The many endless stories about data breaches and this year’s argument between Apple and the FBI is what begs this question for me. (Here’s where I came down on the Apple …