Big Brains

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If We’re So Smart: Lately, there have been many articles on most media platforms about how we humans are purposely manipulated by other humans. On the surface, that seems a bit crazy. After all, we are the most intelligent species on earth, right? Yet, we see suckers being born every day. The Silly Season Let’s start with the misleading and …

On The Other Hand

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HBR on Retail: An article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR — Jan/Feb 2019, pg 72) suggested that the brick and mortar retail industry is “squandering their most potent weapons” against their e-commerce competition. The author suggests that the hidden advantage is in the store is salespeople. I’m afraid I have to disagree. The rest of the article is fine. …

No Salesperson Needed

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A Tale of Two Purchases:  We — my wife and I — do not make large purchases very often. Recently, however, we found ourselves in the position of having to replace our two aging, high-mileage cars. And we had two very different experiences. One was salesperson-intensive. One was not. In both cases, we knew exactly what car, model, and accessory …

Poached Eggs, Customer Service, Sales

Poached Eggs, Customer Service and Sales

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

Here’s the story. I was fixing our breakfast when my wife asked why I wasn’t using the microwave egg poaching device she had recently purchased as a gift for me. Well, frankly, I had forgotten about it and had strong reservations about its efficacy. So I wasn’t all that interested in trying it out. Maybe I was hoping she’d forgotten about …

Purchase Funnel

Authentic Selling – Oxymoron

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Oxymoron “Wait,” you ask, “Are you suggesting that a person can’t be authentic and also sell?” Well, yes. And I’m not alone: “Of course, the idea of using authenticity to sell something is kind of self-contradictory and ironic, because the whole point of being authentic is not being strategic but instead behaving in a way consistent with true underlying identity …

Forecast VS Actual

Sales Forecasts and Actual Sales

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In my experience, sales forecasts and actual sales have little correlation. This topic came up recently as several colleagues and I discussed what appears to be a panic push for more sales activity from the sales team. The trouble is, many are still clinging to the old model of sales and most of us agreed that the model simply doesn’t work …