Developing Others

People-Development Leadership

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Maxwell: Back in 2000, John Maxwell authored a book entitled Developing the Leader Within You. In that book, he posited that there are five levels of leadership. He named those levels Position, Permission, Production, People Development, and Pinnacle. In this post, I discuss the fourth of the five and we will explore the last level in our final post of …

Everybody Matters

Book Review: Everybody Matters by Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia

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I am grateful that I had Chapman’s book “on the shelf” (in the electronic reader) to read. I had just finished Jeffrey Pfeffer’s book, Leadership BS, and was pretty down based on what I had read. What a delight and contrast, to pick up Chapman’s and Sisodia’s book. It has renewed my faith in human nature. In this well-written book, …

Book Review: Drive by Daniel Pink

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Daniel Pink has hit this one out of the park, again! Finally, someone has connected the dots on motivation, and why our system doesn’t work. We’ve been starring at those dots for decades. Pink points out that, for all practical purposes, management hasn’t changed in a 100 years. Leaders and managers cannot motivate employees; not really. People motivate themselves, it’s …