A New Rabbit Hole Looms

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Time Management: Even though I have been in the technology business for more than five decades, I have never been a “gamer.” I chose other things to do to fill my time. There was my career, of course, and I so enjoy the work I do that it’s hard to take time out to do non “work” related things. When …


Weakness vs Strength

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What’s Your Focus? In my profession (Executive Coaching), there is a lot of discussion around whether one should focus on strengths or on weaknesses. I have tossed this topic around myself and concluded that we should be aware of any weakness, but focus on our strengths. However, a recent podcast brought me up short and caused me to re-think this …

Alaska Cruise 2017


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Vacation Many of you in my network know that Penny (my wife) and I have been planning a special family vacation for some time now. Well, to be more accurate, Penny has been planning the vacation. I’ve pretty much just been along for the ride. So on June 24th we headed up to LAX, boarded a plane for Vancouver, BC, …

Angry Tennis Match

Parallel Universes and Leadership

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Three Parallel Universes: I’m speaking of Organizations (including businesses), Personal Lives, and the Public Square. There seem to be many parallels in those three universes. Of course, this should not be surprising since each comprises individuals from the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens. Public Square Now, I have no intention of turning this into a political post, so let me get …

Unhealthy Stress

Managing Stress

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I’ve noticed that much of what I write about and read about around the topic of leadership has implications for reducing human stress levels. I can see it at work in the personal and professional lives of the men and women whom I mentor and coach. For example, I’ve lately been focused on working with leaders to implement leadership at …

cruise ship

Walking the Talk!

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If everything goes as planned and the technology doesn’t fail me, this article will post while I’m at sea on a vacation cruise to Hawaii. And, as I mentioned in the March Newsletter, I am, uncharacteristically, looking forward to that 15 day vacation as I write. It’s uncharacteristic of me because throughout my career I have been gifted with a …


The passing of an era . . .

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I was supposed to be working on the newsletter. There were several columns left to write (this being one of them) and still, I found myself immersed in a project that could very easily wait for another time when deadlines were not looming. But this little “project” had been percolating in the back of my mind for several weeks. I finally could …

Fundamental Organizing Principles

A Bit More on the FOPs

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Fundamental Organizing Principles I’ve posted several times on the Fundamental Organizing Principles (FOPs), values and how we develop a personal and corporate culture around them. I also suggested that we need to try to discover where we are in relationship to the corporate culture and “mind the gap,” so to speak. Well, I got called out on this one! Someone …