Crazy people have stature in innovation.

Crazy People

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Stature: A good friend and colleague asked me if I would be willing to guest lecture at his local university fully employed MBA class. The topic of the talk was to be leadership. I agreed, and we set the date. I signed into the virtual meeting early to make sure we had the technology issues under control. While we were …

People First

People Always

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Mission First: But people always. Here’s my takeaway from the mantra: “Mission first, people ALWAYS.” It is true that we are always dealing with people. Ourselves, our leadership team, our employees, our customers and our vendors — all are people. At least for now! I’ve long said that we need to put our employees first. I know from experience that …

Leaders Inspire

Leaders Involve People

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People It is always about people. Whenever I speak to business owners for the first time, the question I can almost always count on is, “My business is different. How can you or a peer group help me if no one is in or knows about my industry?” “The business of business is people. Yesterday, today and forever.”—Herb Kelleher, Southwest …

Southwest Airlines

The Business of Business

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High Flyer: Herb Kelleher, the beloved longtime CEO of Southwest Airlines, said, “The business of business is people. Yesterday, today and forever.” I buy that statement. Employees, leadership teams, boards, customers, suppliers—all the stakeholders comprise people. At least for now! It is hard to see how any business organization can do well, let alone thrive, if they do not learn …

Creative People

Creative People

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Creative People: That sounds redundant to me. We (people, that is) ARE creative. Can we speak of creativity and not be speaking of people for the most part? Yet we people also wind up somehow creating environments that stifle creativity. Why? Perhaps we don’t know the origins of creativity. Indeed, we haven’t figured out exactly how the brain connects things in creative …