2018 Tesla Model 3


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Oversight: Tesla is in the news these days. Mainly because the majority owner, CEO and COB, Mr. Elon Musk, started a firestorm on Twitter.  From a startup point of view I find this company to be quite impressive. I now see a lot of Tesla vehicles in the wild. Ramp up of Model 3 seems to be out of production …

Expiry Date

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Use By: We’re all used to our perishable food coming with an expiry date. They take various forms such as: Sell by mm/dd/yyyy or Best if used by mm/dd/yyyy. And sometimes, they don’t say much of anything. There’s just a date and maybe some undecipherable lot code. It’s up to us to guess if the date is the expiration date. …

Fireworks 2015-07-04-0301

What Is a True Patriot?

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Happy Fourth! As those who read my newsletter know, we are on vacation in Europe at the time of the publication of this blog post. And while I usually shy away from any political topics in this business blog, I think it is appropriate to pause and think about patriotism on this day. I believe that is especially appropriate when …

Meeting of the minds.

Language is Never Quite Right

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Words: What do you hear when I speak? I’m trying to paint a word picture of what I see in my mind so that you see “the same picture” in your mind. I share those words with you. We speak the same language. Let’s agree that the language, whatever it is, is native to both of us. But I have …

Book Store


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From the Past: My lunch meeting last week ended a bit earlier than usual. I had left ample room between the end of that meeting and my next meeting. Now, however, I had way too much time. It didn’t make sense to go back to my home office though, so I drove to the vicinity of my next meeting and …

Alaska Cruise 2017


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Vacation Many of you in my network know that Penny (my wife) and I have been planning a special family vacation for some time now. Well, to be more accurate, Penny has been planning the vacation. I’ve pretty much just been along for the ride. So on June 24th we headed up to LAX, boarded a plane for Vancouver, BC, …

I See Pitchforks


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Greed and Pitchforks I was listening to podcasts as I was traveling around southern California in my car. I almost skipped the next playlist podcast when I heard the topic was The Seven Deadly Sins. They hooked me before I could safely move to the next podcast. I’m glad that I listened. According to the standard list, the seven deadly sins …

Millennials want experiences.


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Worth at Work: I hear a lot of discussion among the Generation X and Baby Boomer business leaders about how to handle those “pesky” Millennials. I’m not quite sure why this is such a mystery to people. “Is my work worthy of my sense of purpose, or is it really just a means to an end, a step on my personal …

Decision To Do

Complexity and Decisions

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The Complexity Part: (This is the third in a four-part series on how growing complexity is changing our lives.) And when it comes to decisions, complexity is indeed the byword. Not only do we have an overabundance of product choices but we also have anabundance of freedom in most areas of our life. For example, there are myriad choices for …

contrary opinions

Contrary Opinions

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In a safe environment, there is room for contrary opinions, and we hear those opinions. In a healthy and thriving organization, opposite views are not only heard, but they are also encouraged. Contrarians are not naysayers or doom-and-gloom people. They look at things differently! The Red Card Some organizations insist that there always be a contrary proposal—a devil’s advocate. They …