Leaders Are Connected


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Leaders Are Expected To Be Connected In today’s world, relationships are the currency of leadership. As leaders, one of the values we add to the organizations we lead is making connections in the community. More than ever, organizations expect leaders to build safe and transparent work environments. Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) Especially in the work environment, successful leaders most generally …

Cities, Diversity, Creativity

Leadership, Creativity, Cities, Sex, and Ideas

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Actively Managing the Corporate Culture The leader in most organizations has many and varied tasks. If the organization is large enough to have a significant leadership team, then the CEO receives help in the day-to-day operations and can delegate initiatives, duties, or projects. In small companies, including start-ups, of course, the leader/founder shoulders much, if not all, of the work. …

Leadership BS

Book Review: Leadership BS by Jeffrey Pfeffer

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Contrary to Pfeffer‘s advice, I want to be fully transparent. Presently, I am a Leadership Coach who is actively engaged in working with business leaders from startup companies to multi-billion dollar public companies. Also, during my career in industry, I have had the good fortune to be a leader and to work with business leaders. Therefore, I have developed my view …

Google Plus takes the web by storm

The Googleplex strikes . . .

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Could Google Plus (G+ or Google+ for short) be your one stop shop for Social Media? Personally, I’m thinking the answer is yes, even at this early stage of development. Well, okay, perhaps with the exception of LinkedIn. First, this is truly a beta release and is also being released in viral fashion. Presently, one can only join G+ (shorthand for Google …

Private Advisory Board

Don’t Grow it Alone

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It’s your business. You are the final decision maker. You are accountable to the board, or perhaps there is no board and you are the founder/owner. So where do you go when you need advice? Have you established a mastermind group or advisory board? Do you really have “all the answers?” Who questions your answers? Some small private companies are …

Economic Shift

Generosity and Authenticity

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Readers of this blog know that I have postulated that the model for high end sales has changed; accelerated away from the traditional models to a trust based model. This also applies to networking; no selling, only building a trusting relationship. A colleague questioned me recently as to why I thought this was the case. Is it really simply the …

The Economic Shift is Permanent

Networking . . . Some last thoughts

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[Updated 9/21/14] If you’ve been following the posts on this blog, you will recognize the similarity between the comments I have made about the art of networking with the comments made on the sales process. The sales skill ladder has four rungs: Product Base Selling, Solution Based Selling, Consultative Selling and finally Trust Based Selling. As I’ve mentioned with respect …


Networking . . . Continued

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[Updated 9/21/14] Yesterday, I got on my soapbox concerning networking etiquette and what I believe networking really is all about. And that is building trust and long term relationships. I mentioned that it is a long and difficult process. It is also highly rewarding. If you buy into my concept of networking, then you are also likely recognizing that you …