Inspired Performance

With Leadership it’s More Than Simply Knowing the Words

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Sometimes novice musicians can tell you all the words to a vocal piece or what all the Latin instructions are on an instrumental score. They may be able to play or sing the piece with technical precision. Still, unless they also can interpret the passion and the full range of emotions, their performance will fall flat — that is technically …

Book Review: Drive by Daniel Pink

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Daniel Pink has hit this one out of the park, again! Finally, someone has connected the dots on motivation, and why our system doesn’t work. We’ve been starring at those dots for decades. Pink points out that, for all practical purposes, management hasn’t changed in a 100 years. Leaders and managers cannot motivate employees; not really. People motivate themselves, it’s …

Influence Without Authority

Book Review: Influence Without Authority by Allan R. Cohen and David L. Bradford

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

I’m honored to have received a couple of books for review from Wiley publishing. Influence without Authority by Allan Cohen and David Bradford (second edition) is a classic. Between the covers of this book are not only ideas about the art of getting work done through people, but a host of useful case studies and resources. One of my first …