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Leadership: Minds On, Hands Off

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I had a meeting with a potential coaching client last evening. The conversation was exhilarating. As it often does, the discussion turned to delegating, holding people accountable and developing leaders. I shared with this gentleman the concept of “I intend to” from David Marquet’s book Turn the Ship Around! We discussed how he can “manage up” with that concept as …


Danger! Leader On Pedestal

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Many times, when facilitating discussions around leadership, I will ask participants to “brainstorm” a list of attributes for leaders. The list is always long with great characteristics for all manner of leaders. The chances of finding a person with all or even a significant number of the attributes is nil. Yet, it seems as though we expect our leaders to be …

The Bottleneck is at the top!

What Do You Enable?

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When it comes to leadership, L. David Marquet likes to frame the discussion into four broad areas: Control, Competence, Clarity and Courage. With respect to courage, he often highlights the issue of the personal struggle a leader must make to break out of the old “command and control” model or what we know as the “leader/follower” model. It’s “fun” to …



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What is an entrepreneur? Harvard Business School defined entrepreneur this way: “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.”– Howard Stevenson I was reminded of this several times this past month. First, over on LinkedIn, one of the groups I frequent posted this great article from Inc. Magazine. It’s an interesting read. Entrepreneurship is creating something …

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Economy of knowledge

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Why is it that we seem to have to keep learning the same lessons over? Oh, I’m not talking about each of us as individuals, although that is sometimes true for us too. I’m talking about our organizations. We seem to keep solving the same problems that have been solved before; either internally or externally. Why do we do that? …

Private Advisory Board

Don’t Grow it Alone

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It’s your business. You are the final decision maker. You are accountable to the board, or perhaps there is no board and you are the founder/owner. So where do you go when you need advice? Have you established a mastermind group or advisory board? Do you really have “all the answers?” Who questions your answers? Some small private companies are …