Self-Organizing Ants

Ants, Hungry, and Leadership

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Ants They seem so cool. I have been told that as a child, I would watch ants for “hours on end.” It seems obvious to me that ants communicate, but I don’t know exactly how. Perhaps it’s chemicals and perhaps some visual signals. At any rate, ants figure out ways to organize and get things done. They are not blessed …

Manufacturing Employment in U.S.

I Helped Cause the U.S. Job Loss Problem

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And I’m not feeling at all guilty about it. Semiconductors: For more than 3 decades, I spent my professional career in the semiconductor business. I worked for large, state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturers. Arguably, semiconductor product development, specifically Integrated Circuits (IC), is what has driven the technology advances that have enabled job loss in the manufacturing sector. In fact, technology-aided and abetted …

Don't count the USA out yet.

Don’t count “made in USA” out yet.

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

It seems that manufactoring in the U.S.A. may not be such a bad thing after all. The Economist, Moving back to America, pulled together some interesting data that indicates all countries may well be looking to build factories to meet market demands, not to re-import “back home.” One has to wonder why this is such a “surprise” and so newsworthy. …