The Physics of Time

What Brings You Joy?

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Think About It: A colleague asked that question in a recent meeting of about 18 business coaches. I wasn’t satisfied with the usual answers I would give to this question. So I started down the rabbit hole of “what is joy”? That was, of course, followed by rethinking a whole new category of personal experiences. What is Joy? Merriam-Webster defines …


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Digital Transformation: In the late 70s and early 80s, we had lots of discussions about what the heck the internet was. My colleagues and I were all electronics engineers or software programmers, so we knew about the technology, but what was the real meaning of and use of the internet? What did it mean to society in general? There was …

Visit, Don’t Stay

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The Past: If we spend most of our time living in the past, that can lead to depression. So history is, of course, important. But we can do nothing to change it. Of course, we can learn from history to avoid making the same errors, but even using the past for that purpose is problematic. Today’s situation can not, by …

Lights Out

Book Review: Lights Out: pride, delusion, and the fall of General Electric by Thomas Gryta and Ted Mann

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An Engaging Story: General Electric (GE) was a significant brand as I grew up and not an insignificant player in my Electrical Engineering undergraduate course. So, I am interested in understanding how such a great company could have gone off the rails. Uncharacteristically, I chose to listen to the audio version rather than purchase the electronic version of this book. …

Kitchen Faucet


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The Challenge: It’s been a while since I’ve done any significant plumbing work. Still, over my lifetime, I have done a fair amount of maintenance around our homes—carpentry (not good at it), electrical (good at it), and plumbing (I get it done). However, when it comes to plumbing, my mantra is, “never start a plumbing project unless the plumbing supply …

Programmable Keyboard

Technology to the Rescue

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The Challenge: Well, aging is not for the faint of heart. About a year ago, I started noticing getting a lot of double letter strikes on my keyboard while typing. I do a great deal of typing, so this problem is not acceptable. So I spent time figuring out how to “de-bounce” the keys. Nothing seemed to work. I decided …

Mental Laziness

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Curiosity: One of the attributes of strong leaders is curiosity. But curiosity takes much work. And brain work takes energy—science tells us that the human brain consumes about 20% of our total body energy budget. That’s why another common trait for solid leaders is keeping themselves in good physical condition. They pay attention to their mental and physical health through …

She Swallowed a Fly

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When our children were young (it seems like yesterday!), we would often sing nursery rhymes while traveling in the car. One of them was, “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.” I won’t go through all the verses (if you’re interested, you can watch it on YouTube here:, suffice it to say that this mythical old lady somehow swallowed a fly, “I don’t know why she swallowed a fly—Perhaps she’ll die.” And then, to solve the fly problem, she, in turn, swallowed a spider, bird, cat, dog, cow, and finally, a horse. She died, of course.

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Book Review: The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton

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Several years ago, I read a few articles about MMT. Those articles gave me enough of an understanding that I stopped worrying about the U.S. national debt. When I attempted to explain to others why the deficit itself isn’t a problem, they responded with skepticism. I decided to educate myself further and, coincidentally, my son recommended this book as a beginning to understanding MMT at a deeper level.

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