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Blog Comments: Back in 2002, as I was first going out on my own, one of the first things I did was build a website. It wasn’t terrific, according to today’s websites. It was mine, though, and it carried the messages I intended. It also allowed me to do some writing in the form of Blog Posts. I set things …

The Internet Is Not The Answer

Book Review: The Internet Is Not The Answer by Andrew Keen

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Andrew Keen is not keen on the internet and where it’s taking us. Keen has taken on the conventional wisdom that the internet is a democratizing force lending power to the little guy and disrupting the old school “bad guys.” A strongly opinionated polemic–the passion of the converted believer is palpable in his writing. I come at this book with …

The Innovators

Book Review: The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

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This book, and writing this review, was a trip through memory lane for me! Having spent more than three decades in the semiconductor and high technology space, the people listed in Isaacson’s excellent book were almost all familiar to me. Some I have met, others I have listened to in presentations and almost all I have read about. If you …

Book Review: Socially Close by John Jackson; Social media marketing for small business

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It took me longer than expected to read John Jackson’s excellent book Socially Close. I’m not a particularly fast reader, but that wasn’t the reason it took so long. Nor was it because the book was boring — it definitely isn’t. And it didn’t take me so long because Jackson’s writing is obtuse or difficult to understand. On the contrary, he …


Light Pipes! – WooHoo!

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More years ago than I wish to contemplate, my bride and I decided to do what we could to set ourselves up to “retire” here in Southern California. We looked around at several “senior” communities and fell in love with the one in which we now reside. There was one very significant negative for me, and it came very close …

e-riches 2.0

Book Review: e-Riches 2.0 by Scott Fox

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Normally, I don’t win things when there are drawings for prizes. The day I attended the Technology Council of Southern California for a seminar on Internet Marketing was an exception. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar given by Mr. Scott Fox, and threw my business card in the hat for a drawing. As luck would have it, I won an autographed …