Becoming Data Driven

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Not Just Google: Some business leaders have watched with a mix of envy and consternation as the technology firms, and large retailers, have taken advantage of big data. Until now, smaller firms have not been able to afford significant data science operations. However, predictions are that this year and next will be the year when Small to Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs) …

Corning Ribbon Machine

Manufacturing in the U.S.

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Over the holidays a couple of years ago, I was able to tour the Henry Ford museum. It was fascinating to see all that engineering talent embodied in the decades-old machinery on display. I was reminded of this as I browsed through some images on my PC. Can’t Go Back Last week’s post discussed (once again) the issues around automation …

Big Bang Disruption

Book Review: Big Bang Disruption by Larry Downes and Paul Nunes

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In case you have somehow missed the prevalent message of the day, this book is the latest addition to all the “reasons why” our business models and leadership training must change. According to Downes and Nunes, “Thanks to dramatic changes in the core economics of innovation in general, every industry is now at risk from competitors that enter the market …

Trust: I get that you have my best interests at heart, not just your own.

What about sales?

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Who’s Interest? Shocked and disoriented is probably the best way to describe how companies and salespeople are feeling lately. Virtually everyone is husbanding cash. Nobody wants to be “sold” anything. People still want to buy, but only when and what they want, not what someone else wants them to buy. And they don’t really need salespeople; they can find what they …

The Post-American World

Book Review: The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria

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There are few commentators, “speaking heads,” who I respect more than Fareed Zakaria. Most have little of value to add to the so called “news” of the day and ask what seems to me to be pretty inane questions much of the time. Zakaria digs in; and this book is no exception to his professional pursuit of a new view. …