Gen Y Now - The Millennials

A Younger Corner Office?

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Corner Office Is there a corner office? Who’s in it? Someone with gray hair and lots of leadership miles or a young person in a hoodie and ripped genes (and ripped abs!)? I’m finding, much to my delight, that the chief executives, company founders, and c-suite leaders I work with are increasingly of the Millennial (or so-called “Y”) generation. I …

Employee Engagement

Millennials? No. It’s More

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I attended a networking meeting not long ago. It’s one I frequently attend. There are many senior executives at this meeting, some are employers, some are working executives and some are folks in transition. It’s always an interesting group. For the second time in a row though, the question of “What is wrong with the Millennial generation?” came up. I mentor …

Age Diversity

Turnabout’s fair play

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There is a lot in the media about how to communicate, manage and retain the Generation Y – Gen Y – folks flooding our businesses. (Gen Y is defined as those people born between 1977 and 1995.) I find that topic interesting and very useful as a mentor to many young people. So I read a lot on the subject …

Office Phone

Communication – You Must Lead

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It all started with the Harvard Business Review. Dan Pallotta posted “Just Call Someone Already,” and I just “had to make a comment.” A journalist, working on an article, saw the comment, found my e-mail address and, wisely, sent me an e-mail asking if we might have a conversation and when would be a good time. I say “wisely” because …

Diverse People

Demographics Driving Change – Inside and Out

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Things are changing rapidly. Not only are our workers younger, so are our customers. The accelerating pace of change means that to survive we will be updating, tweaking, throwing out and rebuilding our business models, processes and perceived “truths.” Yes, for many of us, our most cherished beliefs are being called into question. I’ve written elsewhere about how I think …