Visit, Don’t Stay

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The Past: If we spend most of our time living in the past, that can lead to depression. So history is, of course, important. But we can do nothing to change it. Of course, we can learn from history to avoid making the same errors, but even using the past for that purpose is problematic. Today’s situation can not, by …

Education must change.


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Critical Thinking: I’m struggling a bit with my thoughts on how to prepare people, especially our young people, for the work world ahead of us. Indeed, some necessary skills will be required. But which ones? It is next to impossible to predict what “jobs” will exist, let alone what skills will be needed. Surely, we will be required to work …

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Book Review: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

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Harari hits another home run. I love the subtitle of this book, A Brief History of Tomorrow. And Harari builds a solid case for his views of how the world of technology might blend with or destroy Homo Sapiens. His book is broken into three parts and takes us through human history (much more detail in Harari’s book Sapiens: A brief …


Complexity and Transformation

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(This is the final post in a four-part series on how growing complexity is transforming our lives.) Continuous Transformation: The common lament these days is that the pace of change is on an exponential trajectory. We struggle to keep up. Knowledge (and of course data) is increasing by leaps and bounds every second. All facets of our lives are being …

Create the future.

What About Tomorrow?

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Will You be Disrupted? In the business world, we readily accept the concept that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. Meaning, you cannot rest on your laurels for any significant length of time. So what about the future? Will you wait to be disrupted? Will you disrupt yourself? Will you be the disruptor to competitors? Garry Ridge, CEO of WD40, …

Who Owns Future

Book Review: Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier

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For the past several years, it seems as though I rarely have any discussion with business executives or consumers that sooner or later doesn’t turn to the topic of change and how technology is driving that change. In the longer and more focused conversations, we often wind up sharing views about where things are headed. Usually, we end up being …