Potter Stewart

Leadership and Potter Stewart

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Many colleagues and authors are writing about the global Leadership crisis. Some of that feeling — that we have a lack of leadership — comes from highly visible lapses in ethical conduct. “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is the right thing to do.” Potter Stewart, Associate Chief Justice U. S. Supreme Court. …

Book Review: Shift; Indigenous principles for corporate change by Glenn Geffcken

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I am “always” on the lookout for interesting models for corporate governance, ethics and/or change. So when the publisher for Geffcken’s book, Shift, briefly described the content and asked me if I’d be willing to review his book, I accepted the request. After I purchased the book, it sat for a while so that I could finish the books already …


Leadership: Courage

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Courage. This leadership attribute comes up in many different ways. We talk about having those fierce conversations with peers, employees and our own superiors. We talk about having the conviction to move ahead in the face of adversity. It all adds up to courage. According to the on-line Merriam Webster Dictionary: Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, …

Fallen Leaders

And We Wonder Why?

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A recent survey of senior executives in Britain and the U.S.A. found 24% consider unethical or illegal conduct is needed for success in the financial world. The study also revealed that 30% felt pressure over salaries to compromise their ethics. 16% of executives said they’d commit insider trading if they “knew” they could get away with it. The study also …

Conviction - Culture counts

Clay feet

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David Sokol has had to leave Berkshire Hathaway under an “ethics cloud.” As you would expect, there is much speculation around how much of this falls on Buffett and what he should be telling us about the incident. My view is that Buffett owns it all. Harsh? Maybe, but I think  not; and I suspect Buffett would agree. The controversy …


Purposeful Obfuscation

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Leaders often make the mistake of trying to leave room for creativity by being less than clear on the goals they wish to achieve or the mission they intend to accomplish. Call it “purposeful obfuscation.” I’m sure the idea is to not be too prescriptive in their directions, thus leaving room for interpretation. Good intentions with potentially unintended negative consequences. …


The Sustainable Company – A Few Simple Rules.

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In a previous post, we looked at the work done by Ram Nidumolu and M.R. Rangaswami in which they stated that there is no alternative to sustainable development. And they identified the five stage process on the road to sustainability. In this, the final post on this article, I summarize “A Few Simple Rules” on the road to sustainability. Smart …