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Sustainable Advantage: I don’t know how we can claim we have a sustainable competitive advantage unless, that is, that we believe that advantage to be our ability to learn faster than the competition. Technology is moving much too fast for us to think that some sort of product or service is really our competitive advantage. But continuous learning, a willingness …


Leadership and the Unpersuadable.

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

Anyone who has been on the leadership end of a large change initiative knows that there are some folks who appear to simply be “unpersuadable.” They are the “NO! Sayers.” Somehow, the leaders — especially the executive sponsor of the change initiative — must at least try to find a way to persuade them even in the face of it being seemingly impossible. Having been …

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Leadership: Minds On, Hands Off

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I had a meeting with a potential coaching client last evening. The conversation was exhilarating. As it often does, the discussion turned to delegating, holding people accountable and developing leaders. I shared with this gentleman the concept of “I intend to” from David Marquet’s book Turn the Ship Around! We discussed how he can “manage up” with that concept as …