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Bumper Sticker: Today I read that Thomas Friedman is making a recommendation for a political bumper sticker. Friedman admits that he got the idea from someone else, namely, Hal Harvey. Harvey wasn’t thinking about his statement as a bumper sticker; it was the closing on an email from Harvey to Friedman. When he read that closing statement at the end …

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

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What is Servant Leadership? I’ve been thinking about the concept of “Servant Leadership.” To me, that term simply means that a leader is there to serve his/her people and teams as a resource. The leader allocates appropriate resources, removes bureaucratic obstacles and actively manages the organization’s culture. What Servant Leadership is Not It is not doing the work of the …

Influence Without Authority

Book Review: Influence Without Authority by Allan R. Cohen and David L. Bradford

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I’m honored to have received a couple of books for review from Wiley publishing. Influence without Authority by Allan Cohen and David Bradford (second edition) is a classic. Between the covers of this book are not only ideas about the art of getting work done through people, but a host of useful case studies and resources. One of my first …