Helping Each Other

Good Things Are Happening

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The Work Goes On: Like many of you, I serve in a not-for-profit organization. In a recent meeting, we went over how there is a negative impact on revenue from grants, events, and donations due to the pandemic. Many not-for-profit organizations are struggling. Yet, the group quickly changed to a discussion of how to continue delivering the services over video …

The New Normal


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Mindset: I like that new word—“Newmal.” We know that the significant disruption of our economy means that there is no going back to normal. The new pastime is trying to predict what the new economy will be. What businesses will survive? Which will thrive? What new opportunities will there be? Business leaders have always attempted to predict what was changing …


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Values: As leaders, our employees, customers, and other stakeholders have always watched us. What they are looking for is how we act. Our actions are what reveal our values. “We are social beings, neither economic man, nor altruistic saints. We crave esteem and belonging, and these underpin our moral values.” — Collier, Paul. The Future of Capitalism (p. 50). Harper. …

A Major Shift

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The “D” Word: Reluctantly, cautiously, Ray Dalio admitted that he believed that, among other things, personal distancing and shutting down non-essential businesses had put the U.S. economy into a depression. He thinks it will be years before we reach the pre-pandemic economic levels. Further, he predicts that unless we fundamentally adjust our capitalistic system, we will lose it in some …

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

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Forecasting is Treacherous Business: According to Linda Yueh, Adjunct Professor of Economics, this year and next are likely to be filled with uncertainty. She names the events we all know are on everyone’s minds—Brexit, US-China trade tensions, and European Union reforms. Since Professor Yueh’s specialty is economics, she goes on to point out that those disruptions are occurring at a …

Common Enemies — Part IV

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People with different world views will unite when they have a common enemy. I believe we have major “enemies” that have the potential to unite people across the globe: Climate Change — Part I, Technological Disruption — Part II, Cybersecurity — Part III, and Economic Bifurcation — Part IV (significant economic inequality). Economic Bifurcation: For a long time now, there has …

Information On-line

To Sell is Evil

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Triggered: I admit it. I get triggered over this topic of selling. This site has several posts on how I believe technology and values have, and are, changing around the discipline of “selling.” And just for the record, I spent many years in B2B technical sales as well as marketing. I didn’t feel I was being evil back then. To …

schoolgirl is ready for future.

At the Top of the Skills Ladder

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Skills I found some interesting information from the US Census Bureau. It seems that, according to their 2015 data, about 88% of adults have at least a high school diploma. For the purposes of this report, the adult population comprises those 25 years old and older. “We have already eliminated all jobs several times in human history,” said Kurzweil, pointing …

Design Integrity and Function

Learning to See Complexity

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Look and See: (This is the first of a four-part series on complexity.) A habit I’m trying to develop comes from my new hobby—digital photography. That habit is to try and “see” opportunities for an interesting picture. Along with that comes the companion habit of not only looking ahead or to the side, but to turn around and look behind …

Employee Engagement

Millennials? No. It’s More

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I attended a networking meeting not long ago. It’s one I frequently attend. There are many senior executives at this meeting, some are employers, some are working executives and some are folks in transition. It’s always an interesting group. For the second time in a row though, the question of “What is wrong with the Millennial generation?” came up. I mentor …