King and a bunch of Pawns

Control, Power, and Leadership

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In a previous post, we spoke about control and developing leaders. We stated that “Control isn’t control until you give it away.” If you are running a large organization or even a small “one person shop,” you will find it advantageous to have others thinking about new ways of doing things. We want suppliers, associates, affiliates and employees to get …


Danger! Leader On Pedestal

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

Many times, when facilitating discussions around leadership, I will ask participants to “brainstorm” a list of attributes for leaders. The list is always long with great characteristics for all manner of leaders. The chances of finding a person with all or even a significant number of the attributes is nil. Yet, it seems as though we expect our leaders to be …

Turn The Ship Around

Book Review: Turn The Ship Around! A true story of turning followers into leaders—by L. David Marquet

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(Updated 10/15/2013) For the last couple of years, I have been wracking my brain, trying to remember where I read the story of the submarine commander who managed to convert the “worst ship in the navy” into one of the best ships. I remembered that the information was an interview by the author of the book and that he was …