It's All About the Client

Book Review: It’s All About the Client by Douglas B. Reeves

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I’m always interested in learning more about my profession. Every day I find that I am both adding value at my clients and at the same time being humbled by how much I still have to learn about governance, ethics process, organizational development, and managing organizational change. On rare occasions I have learned something valuable and practical from books, but …

Let's Get Real

Book Review: Let’s Get Real by Mahan Khalsa

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

This book is a definite must for those who are selling the intangibles of services to clients. Khalsa is blunt and too the point. For example: “There is no guessing.” He makes it very clear that we must drill down with our questions to find out exactly what the client/customer needs by way of solutions. By using the acronym “ORDER,” …

What Clients Love

Book Review: What Clients Love by Harry Beckwith

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

This great little volume was recommended to my by a client who, on recommendation said that if I really wanted to know about her philosophy on marketing and building her business, this book would provide the answer. Well, if she indeed does practice what’s in this volume, she will have a great company soon. Beckwith’s book is easy to read, …

Final Accounting

Book Review: Final Accounting by Barbara Ley Toffler

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

More on the corporate ethics scandals! There is much to be learned about the slippery slope of situational ethics in this book. What is compelling is that Ms. Toffler tells all, including her own shortcomings, after her realization that she had started the slide down that slope! Ms. Toffler writes in a straightforward, no holds barred, manner that keeps one’s …