On the Bleeding Edge

Life on the Bleeding Edge of Technology

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Low Tech <Nerd Alert> I have “always” enjoyed the challenges of technology. Well, at least since the time I was twelve or so and went to “work” at my father’s boiler construction company during summer breaks. The technology was decidedly “low” tech—pipe wrenches, pneumatic drills, heavy electric machines for threading pipe, acetylene torches, electric arc welders, and the like. But …

The Innovators

Book Review: The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

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This book, and writing this review, was a trip through memory lane for me! Having spent more than three decades in the semiconductor and high technology space, the people listed in Isaacson’s excellent book were almost all familiar to me. Some I have met, others I have listened to in presentations and almost all I have read about. If you …