Shorts, Axles, Rodes, and Ho!

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Mixed Metaphor? The other day, I was getting a bit excited about a situation that was frustrating to me. A friend said, “Don’t get your shorts wrapped around the axle over this.” I have heard the phrase “getting wrapped around the axle’ many times before. In context, it meant getting frustrated to the point of being stopped. Moreover, I had …

A standard doorknob.

Dumb as a Doorknob

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Not so fast! I’ve heard that saying almost all my life. So-and-so “is as dumb as a doorknob.” But, did you ever stop to think about doorknobs? They aren’t so dumb really. They are sometimes wrong, but they do convey a message. Take this rather standard doorknob, pictured above, on our front door. When I am inside our home and …


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Security Grab: Previously, I posted my thoughts on Tim Cook and how he is handling the FBI security grab controversy. I refrained from stating how I felt about the issue to stay focused on Mr. Cook’s leadership. In this post, however, I will wade in on the technology, privacy, and security issue. First, let me make it clear that I, …

Leadership, Epistemic Arrogance, and Knowledge

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Epistemic Arrogance: I mentioned, in a previous post, that I liked the phrase coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (NNT), “epistemic arrogance.” I will avoid trying to expand on the meaning of the words but instead will refer you to NNT’s book. Suffice it to say that many studies show that we humans are far too confident in what we believe …

Thank You


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Managing Culture We know we want to build a culture where our employees feel safe (personally), have autonomy, gain mastery, and have pretty much the same values as their colleagues and leadership. A lot goes into building and actively managing such a culture. One simple thing is — thanks. The open and frequent public acknowledgment of a well-made decision upholds …