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Coach Only the Coachable

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Smartest Person in the Room: Carol Dweck discusses “Fixed Mindset” versus “Growth Mindset” in her book Mindset: the new psychology of success. I find her definitions and description of the people who have one or the other mindset to be very useful in my professional and personal life. As usual, things with human beings are complicated. Most of us have …


Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, 4-ExtPost

Vacation: How about starting the next meeting of your leadership team with a personal check-in? Take a few minutes at the start of the session for each member to report on the last trip or vacation that person made. Getting to know each other personally, not just professionally, is an excellent way to grow trust. Building trust with a group …


Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, 4-ExtPost

Perception: Recently, a young person who I’m mentoring got onto a tirade about his boss micromanaging him. After he calmed down a bit, I asked him to give me some details. (For confidentiality reasons, I will obscure the real information, but the “story” is otherwise true.) It seems that his boss would frequently delegate a task to this young man …

Championship Team

A Championship Team

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According to John McGrath: “A championship team will always beat a team of champions.” A young entrepreneur I know put it this way, “I would much rather play on a championship team than on a team of champions.” His sport, in college, was basketball. He pointed out that if you watch the college teams you can easily tell the championship …

Employee Training

Industry Experience

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Catch 22? Have you noticed that many job postings lay out a list of skills and also require, say, five years of industry experience? Ever wonder how the heck a college graduate manages to get hired? Do you assume they worked their way through school? Or perhaps you look for a valuable and long internship program that provided relevant experience? So …


Weakness vs Strength

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What’s Your Focus? In my profession (Executive Coaching), there is a lot of discussion around whether one should focus on strengths or on weaknesses. I have tossed this topic around myself and concluded that we should be aware of any weakness, but focus on our strengths. However, a recent podcast brought me up short and caused me to re-think this …

Confident Leader

Leaders and Self-Worth

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Attitude Self-esteem and self-worth are a matter of attitude about one’s value to loved ones and the community. If a person also has a strong sense of humility to go along with healthy self-worth, then the stage is set for a very effective leader. Confidence, self-esteem and humility combine to make space for a growth-minded person (to use Carol Dweck’s …


IPNB and Leadership

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IPNB Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) is an interdisciplinary attempt to unify all branches of science to define what the human “mind” actually is. The science disciplines involved include Anthropology, Biology (developmental, evolution, genetics, zoology), Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Developmental Psychopathology, Linguistics, Neuroscience (affective, cognitive, developmental, social), Mathematics, Mental Health, Physics, Psychiatry, Psychology (cognitive, developmental, evolutionary, experimental, of religion, social, attachment theory, …