AI and Moral Panic

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Hey there, business leaders and entrepreneurs! You might have encountered this phrase once or twice: “AI isn’t going to take your job, but someone who knows how to use AI will.” It sums up where we are in this digital revolution. It’s not about robots taking over but more about how well we humans can work with these high-tech tools. …

prime rib roast beef


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Today, I want to share a short story with you. A newly married couple was cooking their first Sunday meal together. The young woman began preparing an excellent beef roast while the man prepared the vegetables. As they worked, the man noticed that his wife sliced off both ends of the roast and then rolled it in spiced flour. Curious, …

The Metaverse

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The Metaverse Hey there! Have you heard of the term “metaverse”? It’s a hot topic in the tech industry right now, and just like how people were confused about the internet back in the late 70s and early 80s, there’s a lot of confusion about what the metaverse actually is. Some people think the “metaverse” is just a fancy internet …

Kitchen Faucet


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The Challenge: It’s been a while since I’ve done any significant plumbing work. Still, over my lifetime, I have done a fair amount of maintenance around our homes—carpentry (not good at it), electrical (good at it), and plumbing (I get it done). However, when it comes to plumbing, my mantra is, “never start a plumbing project unless the plumbing supply …

The Ever-Changing Market

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What? Me Worry? There is much discussion on how change is accelerating and how dangerous the big tech companies have gotten. I do not believe big is terrible by itself. Neither do I think that big means impervious to change or disruption. So while I’m not particularly worried, I also believe we would do well to restructure a couple of these behemoths.

Consumers frequently benefit from the economies of scale large corporations gain. In some cases, the gains in pricing, innovation, and delivery may far outweigh any perceived negatives from a corporation growing large. Properly governed large companies can be a win for everyone.

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What is NOT Changing?

What is NOT Changing?

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A Different Question: During the last five or six months, groups I meet with have been discussing what is changing due to the pandemic. Yesterday, in one of those groups, I mentioned that I thought it was time to start considering other things than just the epidemic and all the change. One of our members suggested we talk about what …

Mitigating History

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Repeating history? I have heard it said that “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” I do not think that is particularly accurate. Perhaps there are overarching cycles that may repeat themselves. They are undoubtedly based on human nature and, therefore, have little chance of being changed any time soon.“Those who do not learn history are …

Changes in B2B Sales

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Slow Messaging: When I was in the corporate world, we had an understanding that a human being would answer the phone no later than the second ring. Even when I had an executive assistant, she was to pick up the call. And, if she was not at her desk, I had to pick up the call. Those days are long …