The Resistance

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Engagement: I was slightly amused at the recent NY Times anonymous editorial about the “Internal Resistance” to the President’s leadership. “Welcome to our world,” I said out loud to no one in particular. They are lucky that this is out in the open. We in the private sector rarely get such a heads up! According to Gallup for over two …

Todd Ordal

Book Review: Never Kick a Cow Chip on a Hot Day

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There are occasions when I receive requests to review books. As long as they are about leadership or organizational or personal development, I try to make time to do the reviews. Unless it’s a pre-published book, I decline the offer to have a copy sent to me and, instead, purchase my copy. I do read the books (I’m told some …

Whither the economy:

Catching Up On Economic Outlook

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The October 2012 WSJ and Vistage Small Business CEO Survey has some interesting points: 42% of Vistage members anticipate no change in the pace of economic growth in the next 12 months 50% of Vistage members expect to increase the number of people they employ in the year ahead 37% anticipate increases in fixed investments 65% expect higher revenues in …

Five Hidden Mistakes

Book Review: Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make by Tom Northup

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Mr. Northup has taken decades of experience in leadership positions, and now in leadership development, to provide us with an excellent guide through the leadership forest. He artfully provides the reader with the tools to discover the hidden mistakes and to avoid or correct them. Each chapter leads us along the path of discovery and ends with a summary and …