Book Review: The Influential Author

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Revealed Complexity: Long ago I learned that the more I studied a topic, the more complexity I uncovered and the more I discovered what I didn’t know about that topic. Gregory Diehl’s seminal book, The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter, taught me just how much I didn’t understand about writing and …

All Books Are Fiction

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An Educator: One of the topics I tend to worry about is education. I worry about it because our country is being very slow to change the way we educate our young people. We are not preparing them for the future. I’ve become a bit of an evangelist for this concern. Moreover, to educate myself on the topic, I’ve read …

Economist 20160430


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A Bit of a Rant <rant> I’m doing my usual thing of reading an e-book. I am annoyed by Amazon SPAMing me with an ad to purchase the audio files to go with the book. Really? I understand how convenient it is to have an audio version of books and newspapers. I listen to podcasts and The Economist all the …