No Salesperson Needed

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

A Tale of Two Purchases: We — my wife and I — do not make large purchases very often. Recently, however, we found ourselves in the position of having to replace our two aging, high-mileage cars. And we had two very different experiences. One was salesperson-intensive. One was not. In both cases, we knew exactly what car, model, and accessory …

I See Pitchforks


Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

Greed and Pitchforks I was listening to podcasts as I was traveling around southern California in my car. I almost skipped the next playlist podcast when I heard the topic was The Seven Deadly Sins. They hooked me before I could safely move to the next podcast. I’m glad that I listened. According to the standard list, the seven deadly sins …

Robot works at keyboard.

But Not MY Job

Dave Kinnear2-Jobs & Tech

Denial: So, I find this interesting. It seems, according to a Pew Research Center Survey on Public Predictions for the Future of Workforce Automation, that YOUR job is going to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the next 50 years. However, MY job will be around. At least, according to the survey, that’s how people are thinking these days. …

On the bridge


Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership

Its interesting what happens when I have some “downtime.” On our vacation, I had lots of downtime (meaning off the grid) on purpose. So many thoughts went through my head about a whole slew of unrelated topics. One, somewhat related to our vacation, occurred to me as I was lounging on the balcony waiting to depart the Port of LA. I had …