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Leadership – Part I

By David S. Gjestland, Ph.D.
© Copyright David S. Gjestland; 1982 – 2011, Reproduced with permission

I am honored and pleased to introduce David S. Gjestland to the Executive Leader Coach followers. I’ve known David for several years now and we’ve often discussed the state of “Leadership” in the world these days. David was kind enough to allow us access to his seminal work on Leadership and it is reproduced here with his permission. I know you will enjoy this foundational view on Leadership and how it can be used to understand some of what we are dealing with today.

Here is Part I, then click through at the end of Part I to get to Part II.

Why Finding the Best Candidate Can Still Feel Like Searching For a Needle in a Haystack

By Kira Bruno, President FORTIS Resource Partners, December 7, 2009

Where are all the good people? Despite the overwhelming number of unemployed applicants, finding the best candidate is still difficult for many companies.

Almost half of the managers surveyed by the 2009 Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations report revealed that a shortage in top talent is their biggest hiring challenge.

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An Economy Driven Sales Reset

By Dave Kinnear

It is my opinion that the present economic situation is best described as a “reset in values” rather than arguing over whether or not it is a “recession” or “depression.” We may well see a generation of people whose values are redefined by their experiences during these times much as we have seen the depression generation’s values.

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The Art of Termination

by Jeff Wertheimer and Brandon Sylvia

Terminations can be frightening events for multiple reasons, not least of which is the realistic possibility that the employee will respond to the bad news by bringing a lawsuit. Well worded employment policies and thorough documentation are strong defenses against these claims, but employers must ensure they do not undermine these defenses by words or other conduct. While there is no foolproof method of preventing an embittered ex-employee from filing a lawsuit, with well-drafted policies, proper documentation, and awareness of high-risk situations, the employer can effectively minimize the time and expense of responding to such claims.

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Back by popular demand: How to Measure Anything by Douglas Hubbard

Back in 2007, I reviewed the above book and because I took the time to provide a “when to hire a salesperson” sample analysis, the review hit an all-time high in reader interest. Well, I think the current recession and uncertain recovery has re-kindled that interest once again.

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Keeping Company Secrets

By Jeffrey Wertheimer and Brandon Sylvia

Your company’s director of product development, top salesperson, or chief financial officer has just decided to accept a position with your biggest competitor. He just gave his four-week notice – leaving plenty of time to download the company’s customer lists, financial statements, and new product information before starting his new job. Much of this information is already loaded onto his company-owned laptop, but one early-morning trip to the office enables him to download the remaining data he wants to take to with him. For most small- and medium-sized businesses, the security systems in place are insufficient to prevent this sort of theft, making such actions almost inevitable. The good news is that with a few relatively inexpensive precautions, the company may be able to significantly limit the damage this employee can cause with the improperly obtained information.

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Great Business Partnerships and How to Create Them

by Barri Carian

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Avoiding the pitfalls of the Hiring Process

by Jeff Wertheimer and Brandon Sylvia

Jeff Wertheimer and Brandon Sylvia are labor attorneys at Rutan & Tucker. They have graciously provided the following article. “The hiring of employees is an exciting stage in the growth of any business. Unfortunately, this process is fraught with pitfalls for the unwary. Various state and federal laws regulate the inquiries an employer may make of an applicant during the application process, the interview, and after a job offer has been made (such as background checks or medical exams). The complexity of these laws is compounded by the fact that some questions can only be properly asked at certain stages of the hiring process. Additionally, California allows employers to be held liable for negligent hiring – i.e., hiring an individual who the employer knew or should have known posed a danger to others.”

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