Moving Up the Food Chain!

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Equal Opportunity Destroyer: Rani Molla, a Visual Journalist at The Wall Street Journal, recently published an article in Vox that caught my eye. In that article, she made the statement that “‘Knowledge workers’ could be the most impacted by future automation.” Conventional wisdom has been suggesting that only the “blue-collar workers” were going to be affected in any significant way …

Top of Mind

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Based on what I observe in the business world, AI is going to continue being in our collective consciousness for some time to come. Many thought this was going to be a fad—and with reason. The promise of AI drastically changing our world has been around for several decades. However, we in the technology world have not …

On The Other Hand

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HBR on Retail: An article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR — Jan/Feb 2019, pg 72) suggested that the brick and mortar retail industry is “squandering their most potent weapons” against their e-commerce competition. The author suggests that the hidden advantage is in the store is salespeople. I’m afraid I have to disagree. The rest of the article is fine. …

Ageism Is Alive And Well

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Stereotype: “We need fresh ideas.” “We need a Millennial to address our social media marketing.” “I don’t think Frank is up to the demands of the new software.” “If our salespeople won’t use the automation system, then we’ll get some younger folks in here who will!” I’ve heard these comments or comments very close to them on more than one …

Common Enemies – Part II

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People with different world views will unite when they have a common enemy. I believe we have major “enemies” that have the potential to unite people across the globe: Climate Change – Part I, Technological Disruption — Part II, Cybersecurity — Part III, and Economic Bifurcation — Part IV (significant and growing economic inequality). Technological Disruption: Few people in my …

Artificial Intelligence

The Next Worry

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Past Worry — Jobs: Long before it was an everyday discussion topic, I and my colleague, David Salahi, were speaking and writing about how technology had the potential to displace many (all?) jobs. Primarily, the purpose of speaking and writing was to generate discussion! What were humans going to do to make a living? How were they going to find …

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Sunk Cost Trap

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Social Media: I was listening to a podcast on technology and the speaker was complaining about how difficult it was for him to “quit Facebook.” He felt as though he has spent so much of his time building up a great Facebook network of friends and family, that it would be “wrong” to quit. He was in a trap of …

schoolgirl is ready for future.

At the Top of the Skills Ladder

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Skills I found some interesting information from the US Census Bureau. It seems that, according to their 2015 data, about 88% of adults have at least a high school diploma. For the purposes of this report, the adult population comprises those 25 years old and older. “We have already eliminated all jobs several times in human history,” said Kurzweil, pointing …