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If you are like many business owners, company presidents, CEOs and general managers, you are focused on growing your company in what continues to be a very challenging market. You are working hard to change your business model and brand. Part of what is needed to keep things on point is to know what the results of actions taken, processes changed and marketing initiatives executed have done to move the company forward. What are your financial results?

In short, leaders necessarily require an accurate accounting of company activities with dependable key indicators. At the same time, the financial results for periods past must be used to determine what you can do to continue to fund your vision. Your accounting system should aid you in moving your company forward and not be an “excuse” for flying blind.

Penny Kinnear, previously Controller for a custom wire and cable company, presently Controller for a health services company, and CFO of dbkAssociates, will share her expertise in analyzing your accounting systems in order to assist you in ensuring that your reports are accurate, timely and simplified to make sure you have the information you need to make business decisions. She will work with your CPA to facilitate reviews of your financial records.

dbkAssociates provides accounting services which range from larger projects to revamp your accounting systems to bookkeeping functions to help you fill in for personnel on leave or during periods of peak workload in your operations.



Penny Kinnear