Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

Blog Comments:

Back in 2002, as I was first going out on my own, one of the first things I did was build a website. It wasn’t terrific, according to today’s websites. It was mine, though, and it carried the messages I intended.

It also allowed me to do some writing in the form of Blog Posts. I set things up to allow comments on those posts, and for the first several years, all went well. Then the trolls started to show up. Everything from merely trashing the blog to posting links to products and porn sites began showing up.

So, I started moderating the comments. That took an excessive


amount of time. I solved the problem (more or less) by just shutting down the ability to leave comments. Now, when people feel the need to say something about a topic, they have to email me—which may not be convenient for them.

So trolls, pornographers, and advertisers perverted the intention of blog comments and spoiled things for me and likely untold number of website owners.

Robo Calls

And who hasn’t been harassed by unwanted calls from salespeople, scammers, and political campaigns? As usual, the bad-actors are going to make things difficult for everyone. Congress is now considering how to regulate the telemarketing crowd and give relief to the consumers. As usual, we get government intervention because we ask for it—meaning constituents complain about a problem, and the elected officials eventually respond. That’s what they are supposed to do. It frequently turns out badly with many unintended consequences. Again, perversion.


Another website story is how a security hole allowed a bad-actor to use my hosted space to put up their content, and it went undetected until I had performance problems. We plugged the security hole, cleaned things up on the server, and went back to work. What a pain!

Now, for the past couple of months, I am dealing with the perversion experts who scrape the contact information off my site and send emails hawking every imaginable product or service. What’s most annoying about that is they bother ALL my associates listed on the website, not just me.

Many of the messages go directly to the Junk Mail Folder. Thank goodness. But some make it to my inbox, and although I mark them as spam, somehow, a few savvy perversion experts get follow up emails through to me. This morning, the tactic was to try and make me feel guilty for not responding to the first email. They want to write guest posts—absolutely not; my standards are way too high for you to meet them, so go away!

Search Engine Optimization and Web Design are two more scams that generate a lot of the Junk Mail on my PC. I won’t respond to any of them either.


LinkedIn is quickly turning into a selling platform. I can’t count the number of times people have asked me to connect, and as soon as I accept, they send a solicitation email. So, I rarely accept invitations from others to connect with me. As a matter of principle, I will not accept a connection from someone who provides services to high-net-worth individuals. It is painfully apparent that they want me to introduce them to the business owners I coach. And, I only send an invitation to others when our being linked will help them with their business or personal life. I am striving to be an anti-perversion expert.

Become an Anti-Perversion Expert

I wonder how our own sales, customer service, and distributors are working. Are we pushing unwanted solicitations on our customers? Are we going to contribute to unwanted regulations because of our actions?

I see a trend away from all the push sales and marketing toward pull sales and marketing. That’s how it should be, and if we support that trend, we can avoid additional regulation. We have to be truthful in our statements and make sure customers find us when searching for our products or services. This is a leadership issue.