Paul Tudor Jones II: Why we Need to Rethink Capitalism

David Salahi 2-Jobs & Tech

In his TED Talk Paul Tudor Jones II said:

“… we as a society have come to view our companies and corporations in a very narrow, almost monomaniacal fashion with regard to how we value them, and we have put so much emphasis on profits, on short-term quarterly earnings and share prices, at the exclusion of all else. It’s like we’ve ripped the humanity out of our companies.”

To try and restore some humanity he has created a new non-profit called Just Capital which plans to create an index of corporate social responsibility. This index, to be called the Just Index, will be based on data from polling the American public. The top 1000 companies will be ranked according to the index. Then, consumers and investors can decide which companies they wish to support. More info in this Financial Times article: ‘Just Index’ sets sights on market solution to inequality.