Stakeholder Voting


Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, 3-LI

Here’s an idea — a mind game if  you will. What if your leadership position depended on employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers voting to let you continue in office? On Feb. 23, [2015] something almost unimaginable happened. A corporation put up all the top executive posts for democratic selection by their employees in an anonymous vote. The company, Haufe, is based …

Paul Tudor Jones II: Why we Need to Rethink Capitalism

David Salahi 2-Jobs & Tech

In his TED Talk Paul Tudor Jones II said: “… we as a society have come to view our companies and corporations in a very narrow, almost monomaniacal fashion with regard to how we value them, and we have put so much emphasis on profits, on short-term quarterly earnings and share prices, at the exclusion of all else. It’s like …

Administrative Law

The Regulation “We Deserve.”

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, 3-LI

Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend and colleague. We had a wide ranging discussion as usual, including talking about the water situation here in Southern California. Recently a court ruling found that a small town’s water district here in SoCal did not calculate their rates properly. I suspect the Water District knew that, but had other reasons for wanting …

The Internet Is Not The Answer

Book Review: The Internet Is Not The Answer by Andrew Keen

Dave Kinnear 2-Jobs & Tech, Book Reviews

Andrew Keen is not keen on the internet and where it’s taking us. Keen has taken on the conventional wisdom that the internet is a democratizing force lending power to the little guy and disrupting the old school “bad guys.” A strongly opinionated polemic–the passion of the converted believer is palpable in his writing. I come at this book with …

Is everything urgent?

Work Quality Versus Urgency

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, 3-LI

Some companies I work with seem to be in a perpetual state of urgency. Meaning, everything is urgent, by definition. Folks are always running around “putting out fires,” rushing to meet deadlines or fixing things that they did last month that “went South.” Many years ago, one of my more enlightened leaders, let’s call him Bob, asked me a question that …