Not the same river

Leadership, Rivers and Growing Edges

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

A continuing theme on this blog, and indeed on almost any leadership forum, is the need for a flood of new ideas; new solutions. To most people in leadership roles, that implies that we desire fresh thinking. We want people to continuously push on their growing edges. And that fresh thinking applies to many aspects of our organizations, not just products …


Slightly More Than A Business

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

There are a lot of words spoken, ink spilled and brain cycles expended on the concept of culture in a business. The topic is important because, as we all know, culture trumps procedures every time. It doesn’t matter what the Policy and Procedure manuals say, people do what is expected by and acceptable in the culture. Recently, I came across …

YuKong Zhao

Book Review: The Chinese Secrets for Success by YuKong Zhao

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

In this interesting book, YuKong Zhao shares “Five Inspiring Confucian Values” which he states are the secrets for China’s success. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I will share that during the decade of the 90’s I spend a great deal of time studying Taoism and a bit of Confucianism. When it comes to my life philosophy, Taoism resonates …

Failure by Robby Slaughter

Book Review: Failure; The Secret to Success by Robby Slaughter

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

The topic of failing as a path to success is not new. It is almost cliche these days that we “need to fail forward faster.” And Robby Slaughter has done a fine job of building a compendium of both famous and not so well known examples of how failure and persistence has led to success in the end. He rightfully …