Big Bang Disruption

Book Review: Big Bang Disruption by Larry Downes and Paul Nunes

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In case you have somehow missed the prevalent message of the day, this book is the latest addition to all the “reasons why” our business models and leadership training must change. According to Downes and Nunes, “Thanks to dramatic changes in the core economics of innovation in general, every industry is now at risk from competitors that enter the market …

Unhealthy Stress

Managing Stress

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I’ve noticed that much of what I write about and read about around the topic of leadership has implications for reducing human stress levels. I can see it at work in the personal and professional lives of the men and women whom I mentor and coach. For example, I’ve lately been focused on working with leaders to implement leadership at …

Information Flow

Leadership: Pushing Authority to the Information

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Many business owners, chief executives and professional managers are embracing, to one level or another, the concept that we have to lead our organizations to move faster and provide outstanding customer service. And by now, many are tired of hearing that they must change their business model if they truly want to survive, let alone thrive. But that’s the case …

Conversational Intelligence

Book Review: Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser

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We can now add Conversational Intelligence (CQ?) to Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Common Sense as traits we want to see in our leaders. As the subtitle suggests, in Conversational Intelligence, Judith E. Glaser explains how great leaders build trust and achieve extraordinary results. In my world, no significant relationship can exist without trust. No significant business transactions …

Book Highlights

What Do You Underline?

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[Updated 2016-02-20] I read incessantly. Usually, I am reading for education and business. Generally the topics are in the realm of Neuroscience, Leadership, Business and Personal Development. Occasionally, I will read science fiction for fun and relaxation. Perhaps only one or two “fun” books per year though, and that’s out of a total of at least 24 books per year. I’m …