Naked Statistics

Book Review: Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan

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How many times have you wondered how two different people looking at the same report managed to draw totally opposite conclusions? How many times have you looked at a set of data yourself and decided that the data must be wrong because it doesn’t show what you “know” to be true? Well, I suspect that you aren’t alone. I suspect …

I refuse to give up!

I refuse to give up

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

I have heard that statement many times in the last couple of years. Our economy, institutions, companies, families and individuals have been through some tough times. Many folks have become resigned to a fate not of their choosing. They want to work; but can’t find work and so struggle to make ends meet as best they can. In general I …

Patent/Copyright Troll

Trolls are Trolls

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(Updated 12/7/2013) It turns out that sometimes Trolls wind up being hoist on their own petard! Photographer Daniel Morel says his decisive victory in court last week against Agence France Presse (AFP) and Getty Images was not only vindication for him, but a victory for all photographers trying to eke out a living in the digital age. A federal jury …