Lean In: Women, Work and the will to lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Book Review: Lean In; Women work and the will to lead by Sheryl Sandberg

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Presently, I have no women in my CEO group. In the past we’ve enjoyed the presence of two strong women entrepreneurs. The group agrees that for sure we had a wider view of approaches to challenges and opportunities. And that was not simply because we had different business experience at the table when these powerful women were there, it was …

The Bottleneck is at the top!

What Do You Enable?

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When it comes to leadership, L. David Marquet likes to frame the discussion into four broad areas: Control, Competence, Clarity and Courage. With respect to courage, he often highlights the issue of the personal struggle a leader must make to break out of the old “command and control” model or what we know as the “leader/follower” model. It’s “fun” to …

Triple Bottom Line

Conscious Capitalism

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There seems to be a big movement towards businesses being more “compassionate,” “conscious,” and/or “triple bottom line oriented.” Maybe it’s the chaotic times causing everyone to be looking for meaning. I’m sure there are many, many books out there on the subject of developing meaning in chaotic times. A few have crossed my desk in the last couple of years: …