Google Plus takes the web by storm

The Googleplex Strikes . . .Again. . .Third Time!

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

Could Google+ be your one stop shop for Social Media? Personally, I’m thinking the answer is yes, even at this early stage of development. Well, okay, perhaps with the exception of LinkedIn. First, this is truly a beta release and is also being released in viral fashion. Presently, one can only join G+ (shorthand for Google Plus or Google+) by …

Fundamental Organizing Principles

A Bit More on the FOPs

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

Fundamental Organizing Principles I’ve posted several times on the Fundamental Organizing Principles (FOPs), values and how we develop a personal and corporate culture around them. I also suggested that we need to try to discover where we are in relationship to the corporate culture and “mind the gap,” so to speak. Well, I got called out on this one! Someone …

Don't count the USA out yet.

Don’t count “made in USA” out yet.

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

It seems that manufactoring in the U.S.A. may not be such a bad thing after all. The Economist, Moving back to America, pulled together some interesting data that indicates all countries may well be looking to build factories to meet market demands, not to re-import “back home.” One has to wonder why this is such a “surprise” and so newsworthy. …

Reinforcing feedback in our FOP model

Fundamentals and Great Leadership – Part II

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership

In a previous post, I laid out the basic model for understanding the deep underlying knowledge that drives our lives which I’ve called our “Fundamental Organizing Principles.” These FOPs form the foundation for not only what we hold to be true, but also how we see the world around us and interpret what we think we see. Recent work in …

The Believing Brain

Book Review: The Believing Brain by Michael Shermer

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

We cannot separate human behavior from human biology. That much seems clear even to the lay person. Michael Shermer manages to shed even more light on that view of how things come to be accepted by individuals as “truth.” The brain, as Shermer demonstrates, “is a belief engine. From sensory data flowing in through the senses the brain naturally begins …