Jerry Weissman - Presentations in Action

Book Review: Presentations in Action by Jerry Weissman

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

Who among us would not like to make the world safe from terrible speeches, presentations and training sessions? A lofty goal indeed and Jerry Weissman has put together an outstanding book to help do exactly that. His book demonstrates exactly what he is indicating we need to be doing in our presentations. It is succinct, tells the story, makes it easy to see the overarching theme and keeps our attention on the subject.

In this excellent book, the reader will learn from the “Masters” about:

  • Content: learn why and a bit about how to tell your story
  • Graphics: Use your graphics to enhance rather than detract from the presentation
  • Delivery: Keep the presenter at the center of the presentation
  • Q & A: How to handle the tough questions that often come your way
  • Integration: Put all the elements together to make a compelling presentation

The book comprises 80 chapters and most of them are about two pages long. Each chapter is devoted to making a point about enhancing the corporate presentation – whether an IPO road show or product presentation or a training seminar. While the “venue” is the corporate presentation, the skills learned are applicable to any presentation you may be asked to make including Keynote addresses, small group facilitation or sharing your thoughts with your colleagues at a Toastmaster’s Club.

More important to me, as an Executive Leader Coach, this book is now a valuable resource to help me guide others in that leadership trait found across all disciplines; the ability to communicate persuasively the vision for the future and enroll others to follow. To be a successful leader, you must enroll others. To enroll others, you must be a persuasive communicator. To be a persuasive communicator, you must be not only comfortable presenting values, ideas and objectives, you must be in command of the presentation skills to do so. Jerry Weissman’s book “Presentations in Action” will help you develop that critical skill. Get it, read it, believe it and become a better leader.

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