Find Lost Revenue

Book Review: Find Lost Revenue by Mark Friedman, Patrick McClure, et al.

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

The authors suggest that their book will help the reader “uncover hidden causes to common sales and marketing problems.” While I’m not sure which problems might be hidden rather than being simply ignored, this compendium of professional articles will certainly take the reader on a soul searching journey.

I admit to starting out a bit skeptical about the “readability” of a book that I knew was a collaboration of five competent professional service providers, all contributing individual “articles/chapters.” My fears proved to be unfounded since the authors have managed to weave their individual contributions into a very useful, practical and surprisingly readable volume. They have managed to organize their writing into a volume that is both easy to read front to back and to jump into a particular subject as needed.

The book comprises ten sections: Assessment & Analysis, Strategic Sales Planning, Sales Methodology, Sales Management, Training & Coaching, Marketing, Internet Marketing, Business Development, Sales Lead Management/CRM and Best Practices in Sales Lead Management. Each contributor, writing in their own style, weaves their knowledge into the pattern of the whole volume while maintaining their individual business domain expertise. The result is a book packed with ideas and guidance that fulfills the promise of assisting the reader in discovering what might be a loss of revenue; and who isn’t interested in finding all the revenue possible in the present economic climate?

The information provided isn’t limited to academic concepts but rather contains practical approaches to common business challenges. The information is up to date as well as bringing proven knowledge to bear on the task at hand. The sections on Internet Marketing and Sales Lead Management will be especially useful during these challenging times. The reader may need to translate some of the formulae and prescriptions for this unprecedented economic cycle, but the fundamentals will still apply in many cases.

Find Lost Revenue will be a significant part of the tool kit we all need to transform our business models for the next phase of this cycle. It is clear that we will need to change those models to thrive and I know I will use this excellent book in my practice as I help my clients navigate the rough seas ahead. Get it, read it, but most importantly, USE it!

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