Book Review: Brain Brilliant by AmyK Hutchins

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

As defined by AmyK, Brain Brilliant is about knowing “how your own brain and mind operate.” She posits that if you know more about how “your brain functions and fires and the manner in which your mind assimilates and accommodates your experiences you can gain huge benefits.” Her very readable and informative book goes about developing that thesis.

AmyK Hutchens is well qualified to discuss this topic with a bachelor of science degree from the University of Maryland, a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University, and a diverse life experience living and working in Washington, D.C., Shanghai, China, and London, England prior to founding AmyK International in Atlanta, Georgia. Amy is a member of Vistage (TEC International) and has served as a mentor for Georgia State University’s International MBA program.

The book is “interactive” in that she enjoins the reader to participate in exercises and reading out loud. She explains that our brains react to questions rather than statements and that we are “sensory beings” experiencing our world through our own senses and filters. We remember through sensory associations, especially visual. Emotions attached to significant events also help our memory.

This short book provides the practical information we need to understand how we and our fellow humans function and view our world. Armed with this information, we can function more effectively as leaders and managers.

In addition to a clear, understandable explanation of how our brain functions and how that can be applied to our everyday lives, AmyK also gives us practical suggestions for how to live our lives in a way that supports brain health. For AmyK, the bottom line on protecting your aging brain is: “Use it, use it early, keep using it and use it often. Participate fully in life, interact with others, get involved stay mentally busy, stay physically active, eat right, reduce your stress levels, and be a life long learner. Your brain depends on an active mind.”

This excellent book is a must read for those of us interested in understanding how to deal with resistance and reluctance to change, manage pressure in our lives, structure effective team meetings, develop positive relationships an d increasing our effectiveness as leaders while improving the bottom line of our businesses.

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