What Got You Here

Book Review: What got you here won’t get you there by Marshall Goldsmith

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

At the 2007 Vistage International Global Conference, Mr. Goldsmith presented a keynote speech which piqued my interest in his views on how successful people become even more successful. His book did not disappoint me. Goldsmith writes in a clear and conversational tone. I had the advantage of having heard his voice and so could “hear him speaking” in my head …

Book Review: Brain Brilliant by AmyK Hutchins

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

As defined by AmyK, Brain Brilliant is about knowing “how your own brain and mind operate.” She posits that if you know more about how “your brain functions and fires and the manner in which your mind assimilates and accommodates your experiences you can gain huge benefits.” Her very readable and informative book goes about developing that thesis. AmyK Hutchens …

Agenda for a New Economy

Book Review: Agenda for a New Economy by David C. Korten

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

To the patient reader, David Korten’s recent polemic, Agenda for a New Economy, provides interesting ideas for discussion. It is the new Socialist Manifesto. I have the distinct feeling that Korten is providing simple solutions to complex issues without going through or guiding the reader through those complexities. The major missing piece in this work is a thorough understanding and …