Five Hidden Mistakes

Book Review: Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make by Tom Northup

Dave Kinnear 1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

Mr. Northup has taken decades of experience in leadership positions, and now in leadership development, to provide us with an excellent guide through the leadership forest. He artfully provides the reader with the tools to discover the hidden mistakes and to avoid or correct them.

Each chapter leads us along the path of discovery and ends with a summary and the “Best Ideas” from the chapter as well as an invitation for us to note our own “Best Ideas” along with the action items needed to put them to use – accountability.

Mr. Northup points out that people development is what leadership is all about. He stresses that we each must be on our own continuous learning path, thus demonstrating to the leadership team and employees what is expected in the organization. He firmly advocates the use of the mastermind approach to problem solving and provides a framework for developing that practice.

Each of the five hidden mistakes (lack of clarity and focus, lack of development, lack of practice, lack of planning and lack of accountability) is afforded a chapter or more, and then other key leadership attributes are discussed as well. The last three chapters tie it all together by taking us up to see the leadership forest after discussing some of the day-to-day trees of tactical leadership skills. In the end, this well written book provides a whole bunch of information and insight into a packed 140 pages. A must read for anyone in a business leadership position.

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