Why Do I Love These People?

Book Review: Why Do I Love These People? by Po Bronson

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

Insight, wisdom, and/or knowledge come from unexpected places sometimes. I’m used to my colleagues putting me on the “right path” whenever I reach out to them, and this year was no different. I asked for recommendations for a book that would “push the growing edges” for the chief executives in my group, and I was given many suggestions. Two books stood out in the list and this book was one. I found myself nodding in agreement, shaking my head in wonder, and shedding tears of compassion as I read through this wonderful compendium of stories of real people with real challenges and messy outcomes in their struggles at managing relationships. Bronson definitely pushes on my growing edges.

“Why Do I Love These People” is a thoroughly enjoyable book about “understanding, surviving, and creating your own family.” These are not special people with storybook lives. These are ordinary people who have found extraordinary ways to manage the messiness of relationships. Compelling stories, told in a way that reaches through the fog of our own experiences and touches that neglected subconscious mind which has recorded all our loves, fears, and joys.

Bronson has laid out his book in a logical and thoughtful manner, including an “intermission” in the middle that transitions from the more or less successful negotiations in relationships to those which did not end in such a straightforward way. He never misses a beat in providing the real issues at hand, from the several valid views of those involved in the relationships. Writing in clear and engaging prose, Bronson keeps our interests, shares many insights, and deftly avoids the twin traps of preaching and judgments.

This is must reading for all your close friends and relatives. Find a way to get it to them!

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