Book Review: Neuro-Marketing by Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

I had the pleasure of attending a conference where Messrs. Renvoise and Morin presented their concept of Neuromarketing. It was an entertaining and insightful presentation to say the least. The book was no less enjoyable.

The authors present in a clear and logical fashion why those few successful sales programs that are based on consultative selling work, and how we can achieve even better results for our clients and our companies by applying the science behind how we make decisions. For you sales and marketing professionals who are highly successful, you may well be an “unconscious competent”; this book will make you a conscious competent by explaining the way our decisions are really made, including our purchasing decisions.

What we learn is that it’s the “old brain” that makes the decision to buy – not our new brain with all the logic. It is almost certain that all the reasons you give for purchase of a product are really justifications for the fact that you were really avoiding pain. We learn that the fastest way to the old brain is through the optic nerve – that means pictures!

We learn that six characteristics of the old brain: Self-centered, Contrast, Tangible, Beginning & End, Visual, and Emotion. In order to help our client, we need to shape our message, the picture, to maximize the message and stimulate these old brain needs.

As you would expect, this book is easy to read, compelling and gets the message across. Anyone in business and especially those involved in direct sales must read this book and put it to use.

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