Beneath the Armor

Book Review: Beneath the Armor by Ole Carlson

Dave Kinnear1-On Leadership, Book Reviews

I had the honor of working with Ole Carlson at a recent workshop. At first I didn’t really connect Carlson with the book I had just finished reading prior to the workshop. About an hour into the meeting I realized that the speaker was advocating some of the very principles from the book that I had so heavily marked up and reread several times.

What a delight! And what hard work – Carlson walks the talk, and he definitely put us through our paces. And this book will do the same for those who take the time to read it. Beneath the Armor is filled with straight forward talk about the leaders at the top of Business. At the end of each chapter is a review and a list of actions to take based on the information we just read. It is a practical, put it to work book for CEOs.

Chapter titles give us an idea of the clarity this book will bring to the serious leader: 1. Be Authentic – it is easier to Remember; 2. Take Care of Yourself First – then others; 3. Lead the Organization – Let Others Manage it; 4. Value Resiliency over Brilliancy; 5. It is All About the People; 6. Understanding Your Numbers is Not Optional; and 7. Have a Well-Lubricated Reverse Gear. Written in deceptively easy and conversational style, each chapter turns out to be chock full of solid strategy and finishes with a call to action. Reading this book did in fact change the direction of my consultancy.

More importantly, this book in conjunction with spending four days in a workshop with Ole Carlson changed my life – for the better. This is a must read for leaders and those who coach and/or consult with business leaders. To quote Mr. Carlson, “The message in this book comes from you and your peers and I am simply paying it forward.”

You can learn more about the author at: Ole Carlson.

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