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Book Review: Let’s Get Real by Mahan Khalsa

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This book is a definite must for those who are selling the intangibles of services to clients. Khalsa is blunt and too the point. For example: “There is no guessing.” He makes it very clear that we must drill down with our questions to find out exactly what the client/customer needs by way of solutions.

By using the acronym “ORDER,” which stands for Opportunity, Resources, Decision Process, Exact Solution, and Relationship, Khalsa takes us through the logical development of a truly consultative selling process. The relationship with the customer becomes the engine that makes this process go – seeking to understand before trying to be understood. “If they say it it’s gold. If you say it, it’s sold.” And nobody likes to be sold.

Khalsa also uses the metaphor of green, yellow, and red lights to explain how to know when to stop and question more deeply. His point is to find out early in the game if the prospect is real – otherwise, don’t play. Khalsa goes over some of the usual techniques for obtaining information (Match and lead, feeling questions, etc.), but does so in a very conversational style.

I decided to also listen to the audio tapes of this book. The author read the excerpted book and it was very interesting to hear how he emphasized different points. I found it very instructive to hear Khalsa’s take on his own work and to hear the author’s voice. It wound up actually clarifying some of the portions of the book which I at first found to be a bit different from my own sales training. All in all, this will be a welcomed addition to my library.

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